The Clearing is a taut, accomplished work that plays at the crossroads between Irish and Scottish music. Dréos as a group is very tight musically – each of the members has superior skills – but I think it’s the chemistry that Grasso, Vance and Waddell share that makes their music especially interesting.
— The Irish Echo, Daniel Neely
My companion for the concert [“American Tune,” performed by Pacific Musicworks at Benaroya’s Nordstrom Recital Hall] ... told me that Vance, Berghan, and Reischman are very, very famous ... He was as impressed to see them in person as I would be if, say, Juan Diego Flórez, Jonas Kaufmann and Renee Fleming appeared together at the opera  ... The musician of the night - which is saying a lot when all the musicians were so memorable - was fiddler Brandon Vance, a two-time U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion ...”
— Sharon Cumberland, SGN
[Vance & Minkler Duo] It was straight ahead, honest, pure. Technically it was excellent, musically moving with dynamics and buildup and release of tension. No unnecessary showing off, just the joy of making the music coming through.
— -Seattle Folklife Festival